About Me

Thanks for the interest in the site! You can check out the links below to learn more about the project as well as more about me as an educator. I hope you find the content provided improves your understanding of how children fit into the world around them and how you, as a provider, can support children and their families through the many challenges (big and small) of developing into healthy adults.

My Educational Philosophy

When I am not at work, more often than not you will find me doing some project around the house, often with one or more little helpers tagging along behind. I love the challenge of making repairs and improvements – give me the (literal) tools, some guidelines, and a little time and I will figure out how to make a project work.

I love medicine for this reason. Being successful has more to do with an understanding of basic principles combined with a healthy dose of curiosity and problem solving skills than the ability to produce exactly the right answer at all times.

This philosophy carries into the way I approach my teaching as well. According to the Teaching Perspectives Inventory, my educational philosophy straddles the Apprenticeship and Developmental perspectives. I think we learn best from experience, but that experiences has to hit a sweet spot in terms of our prior knowledge and experience. Similarly, as an educator, it is crucial that I consider the viewpoint of a learner to help them to create a more complex understanding of a particular problem.

My theory is that enjoyment for the learner is found when they are supported and mentored into a position where they can embrace the complexity and use their curiosity to investigate the ways in which a particular problem both fits and deviates from a foundational knowledge of the subject at hand.