what to do with all that poo

It seems like it is always gastro season in clinic. Teaching conference tomorrow will be about one of the uncommon, but life threatening diagnoses associated with diarrhea in children. Do you know what to do for the masses of children with more mundane, acute viral gastroenteritis? Here's a quick post to review some common options… Continue reading what to do with all that poo

#tipsfornewpeds: children’s aisle and cough

Every time I go into the children's section of a pharmacy there seem to be new remedies that I have heard nothing about. It's particularly embarrassing to be asked about a product, have no clue what it is, and then find that it is plastered all over the local Whole Foods baby section. Here is… Continue reading #tipsfornewpeds: children’s aisle and cough

What about a home O2 monitor?

Conference this week will cover the topic of home oxygen monitors and SIDS. I still find this a hard conversation as it comes from a parent's genuine fear of the worst possible outcome. It got me thinking, are there ways to approach this conversation to avoid alienating parents while still practicing evidence based medicine? Some… Continue reading What about a home O2 monitor?