About Me

Thanks for the interest in the site! You can check out the links below to learn more about the project as well as more about me as an educator. I hope you find the content provided improves your understanding of how children fit into the world around them and how you, as a provider, can support children and their families through the many challenges (big and small) of developing into healthy adults.

This Project

I have an awesome job. I have the privilege of helping hundreds of families raise their children to be healthy, successful adults AND the opportunity to share this interest with an amazing group of pediatric residents!

I think one way that primary care is both incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging is the range of topics each day brings to the plate for you to manage. On any given day I play the role of lactation consultant, car seat inspector, sleep specialist, school psychologist, ear canal cleaner, STD eradicator, and weight management cheerleader.

Detailed expertise is not always required, but knowledge of a variety of topics is important, especially in terms of building relationships with families. As a trainee who is balancing time in clinic with busy acute care service in the hospital, exposure to the variety that makes primary care so rich can be a challenge.

Enter Developingpeds.org! My intention with this project is to create an educational tool that increases the knowledge and comfort of trainees around pediatric growth and development. These topics are crucial for future primary care docs, but important for specialties as well – to provide effective care for children in any setting, one must understand how a child fits into the world around them developmentally.

Why a blog? Simply – residents are busy! I wanted to add something to an overall training curriculum without bumping out other educational content. This format provides short educational “pearls” that can be accessed at a time convenient for a learner and content can be reviewed at a later date or easily linked with similar topics. Web content can include, videos, podcasts, and images as well as easy linking to additional resources such as background materials and further reading.

Again, thanks for visiting and please feel free to share any feedback!

Educational Theory of Change for this project

*** Of note, while I have tried to provide the most medically accurate information in the material on this site, the information provided is not meant as medical advise for any particular child. Any information should be interpreted with close consultation with your child’s physician. Every child is different and it is important to discuss medical concerns with the providers that know your child as an individual, rather than taking advice from some random guy on the internet.